Casita Nube

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After living in New York for 50 plus years, we wanted a safe, soft and beautiful space to recover from the fast pace of life in America.  The Cloud Casita uses the shape of a Mayan Hut, it’s basic oval and the front doors that open to a second set of doors directly on the other side of the room which reveal a fig tree that has miraculously grown on an old wall with branches that reach back down to the  earth as well as to the sky offering shade to the house.  The house is very small, just 36 square meters, houses of this size feel more like clothing, clothing that you don’t even feel, it’s just there protecting and supporting.  In 10 minutes the entire house can be swept there is no room for anything but current food, clothing and books.  The Casita has a small workspace, a kitchen, and closet area.  Besides the oval layout there is a small rectangle that swings out to face the garden, the builtin table by the large window is a wonderful place to have morning tea or to do Yoga.  Almost all of the furniture is built in, the walls are white concrete and the floor has traditional pasta tiles.  The dome roof was first formed out of a grid of rebar and the concrete thrown and troweled onto the grid.